Services Offered

By way of a summary, these are the services offered through Freedom2Sing and Stuart:

  • Individual Singing Lessons
  • Group coaching for groups with 4 or more members
  • Singing and performance coaching
  • Directing Services
    • Do you need a director for a project choir, a temporary fill-in or for a longer period, then contact me to discuss your requirements.
  • Singing services
    • Do you need a singer for your project, a performance or longer in your group, then contact me to discuss your plans.
  • Coaching for Directors
    • Both from a directing perspective as well as a music team/music admin viewpoint. Other needs can be discussed and potentially catered for.
  • Coaching for Coaches
    • This is to help individuals in your organisation improve their own coaching skills
  • Coaching for Music Teams and Leaders
    • This could be to help your team grow, put together an education strategy for your group or even simply develop a performance plan for your next new song.
  • Be an educator at your education events giving presentations and workshops in multiple subjects. Sessions, workshops and courses can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Mobile recording studio

For pricing of the various services, please get in touch so we can work things out to your specific needs.